Fourteen District Schools Meet AYP

(August 2, 2010) -- Fourteen of the Darlington County School District’s twenty-one schools met the “Adequate Yearly Progress” (AYP) requirement as outlined in the federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) law, state education officials announced today. The Darlington County School District as a whole met 93% of the established goals, up from 82% last year.

Darlington County schools, like most South Carolina schools, have either 17 or 21 federal goals, and falling short on even one means that they do not meet AYP and thus move toward possible sanctions.

“I am pleased with the strides our schools have made toward making AYP,” said Dr. Rainey Knight, Darlington County School District superintendent. “We expect a great deal from our students and teachers. We will continue to strive toward proficiency for every child. At the same time, we have to recognize that not every child learns at the same rate academically. Our children are wonderfully diverse and talented. Some may need more time to understand a concept. Regardless, we will continue to give all our children a high quality education so they can succeed.”

In order to meet AYP this year, South Carolina elementary and middle schools must have had at least 58.8% of their students proficient in English Language Arts. In math, at least 57.8% had to be proficient.

In Darlington County, 82% of elementary and middle schools met AYP. All four of the remaining elementary and middle schools that did not meet AYP, fell short by missing only one or two goals.

In order to make AYP, high schools must have had 71.3% of their students proficient in English Language Arts and 70% proficient in math.

Of the four high schools in the Darlington County School District, only Mayo High School for Math, Science & Technology made AYP, though Lamar High School missed making AYP by only one goal. Both Hartsville High and Darlington High missed making AYP by less than 10 goals. Across South Carolina, only 13 of 184 high schools (7%) met all of their federal AYP goals.

Darlington County School District met 27 of the 29 federally established goals. Only three school districts in South Carolina met 100 of the goals for AYP.

Next year schools and districts will find it much harder to earn AYP. Next year, the percentage of South Carolina elementary and middle school students who must score proficient on math and English Language Arts tests will jump from about 58% to nearly 80%. By 2014 all students – including students who are poor, speak limited English or have learning disabilities – must score “proficient” on 100% on math and English Language Arts tests.

While NCLB relies on PASS scores to determine performance ratings for South Carolina’s elementary and middle schools, high school data comes from student performance on the High School Assessment Program.


School Name – # Goals Met

Brockington Elementary – 20 of 21

Brunson-Dargan Elementary – 19 of 21

Cain Elementary – MET AYP – 13 of 13

Carolina Elementary – MET AYP – 17 of 17

Darlington High – 12 of 21

Darlington Middle – 19 of 21

Hartsville High – 13 of 21

Hartsville Middle – 19 of 21

Lamar Elementary – MET AYP – 13 of 13

Lamar High – 12 of 13

Mayo High Math, Science & Tech – MET AYP – 9 of 9

North Hartsville Elementary – MET AYP – 21 of 21

Pate Elementary – MET AYP – 17 of 17

Rosenwald Elementary/Middle – MET AYP – 13 of 13

Southside Early Childhood Center – MET AYP – 17 of 17

Spaulding Elementary – MET AYP – 17 of 17

Spaulding Middle – MET AYP – 17 of 17

St. John’s Elementary – MET AYP – 17 of 17

Thornwell School for the Arts – MET AYP – 13 of 13

Washington St. Elementary – MET AYP – 13 of 13

West Hartsville Elementary – MET AYP – 17 of 17


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